Rhythmbox is still very young in the world of open source and is growing rapidly. It's still at the stage where the planed features list is longer than the current features list ;)

CVS Status

You can read the CVS ChangeLog to see the latest in Rhythmbox CVS. See the download page for instructions on how to get CVS Rhythmbox. (See also the Monkey-Media ChangeLog)

Dec 5: Marco implemented genre browsing as well as the context menu, plus some nice bugfixes.

Nov 16: RB 0.4 it out, new stuff can get it... Like AudioCD support :)

Nov 4: Lots of bugs have been fixed, cvs is now really usable.

Oct 30: New php-ified website, thanks to David Kennedy (tinytoad on IRC)!

Reporting Bugs

Rhythmbox uses the Gnome Bugzilla to keep track of bugs and feature/enhancement requests.

Getting Involved

So you've sucessfully installed and fallen in love with Rhythmbox and you now want to help out to make Rhythmbox the best Music Player in the world, right? There are many ways to help out the Rhythmbox project. The best way to find out how you can help is to drop by #rhythmbox on irc.gnome.org or to join the developement mailing list. While more hackers would most likely speed up developement, don't hesitate to get involved even if you can't hack. There's a lot to do and wouldn't it be cool to have your name on the "Contributers" list? ;)

Rhythmbox and Gnome

Rhythmbox is a member of the Gnome Desktop project and as such it is hoped that it will be included in the Gnome Desktop. This would give Rhythmbox a instant user-base boost and it gives us a target to aim for in terms of developement. It will hopefully be in the fifth toe for the upcoming Gnome2.2 and part of Gnome 2.4.

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