You can get help with Rhythmbox, gstreamer and Gnome in general on the Gnome User's Board

An IRC channel also exists where you can get help with RhyhmBox, it's on irc.gimp.org (or irc.gnome.org), channel #rhythmbox.

A mailing-list meant for development is available on gnome.org. Check this page out for details about subscription and archives. Please bear in mind that this is not the appropriate place for asking support.

If you want to contribute to Rhythmbox, you can have a look on the open tasks in theTODO.

Lead developers:

  • Jorn Baayen (jorn AT nl.linux.org)
  • Olivier Martin (oleevye AT wanadoo.fr)


  • Kenneth Christiansen (kenneth AT gnu.org)
  • Luca Ferretti (elle.uca AT libero.it)
  • Mark Finlay (sisob AT eircom.net)
  • Marco Pesenti Gritti (marco AT it.gnome.org)
  • Mark Humphreys (marquee AT users.sourceforge.net)
  • Seth Nickell (snickell AT stanford.edu)
  • Bastien Nocera (hadess AT hadess.net)
  • Jan Arne Petersen (jpetersen AT gnome-de.org)
  • Kristian Rietveld (kris AT gtk.org)
  • Christian Schaller (uraeus AT linuxrising.org)
  • Dennis Smit (synap AT yourbase.nl)
  • Colin Walters (walters AT gnu.org)
  • James Willcox (jwillcox AT gnome.org)
(alphabetical order)

Web site:

  • Laurens Krol (laurens.krol AT planet.nl)
  • David Kennedy (dkennedy AT tinytoad.com)
  • Jorn Baayen (jorn AT nl.linux.org)

© 2002 the rhythmbox team